Adopt N Inmate provides two core programming streams to ensure that individuals have every opportunity to succeed as they return to community: 1) The Liberty Re-Entry Program and 2) Post Release Community Re-Entry Program.

  • The Liberty Program is a 6 month program provided within the prison system. The pre-release program helps individuals develop critical skills needed to be successful in returning to community. The program provides skill development in life skills, understanding responsibility, human and legal rights, financial, employment and training, technology, housing, social and community connectedness.
  • The Community Re-entry Program offers critical support to individuals released from prison. We support them in returning to community, family, life and employment. We help find housing and income, training and employment opportunities and in getting reconnected to community through client-centered programming. We ensure each individual has the opportunity to succeed.

Program Sponsorship

  • Program investments with Adopt N Inmate ensure that individuals leaving prison and returning to community have every opportunity to succeed and build a positive and healthy life. We know that when people have opportunity they are less likely to reoffend. Program investments support one to one client-centered services for people in need in our community.
    • The Liberty Program is a 6 month program provided within the prison system by the Program Coordinator. The program is weekly, once per week for 6 months and delivered pre-release. $1,400 per person
    • The Community Re-entry Program is a case by case, individualized program. The program is provided one to one based on the individual needs of each person.  $35/hr per program session.