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Because it is a historic paper I am limited to major sources. Of course, there was very little information printed regarding this subject throughout the period of the war. Therefore, I should rely upon private accounts for most of my information. I am having trouble finding specific data and am hoping I will receive some responses. Nothing need be stated, regardless of how determined you might be for a reply. So this is the last point out of you, from me, and I hope you re-read it a couple of occasions, in order that you will understand it. One of probably the most troublesome parts of my trials with PTSD was the chilling realization that my 27 12 months flirtation with the other aspect really had a name.

AK47s hadn’t been invented for that war, and neither had SKS sniper rifles. What we’re speaking about is a highly-trained, nicely equipped military with good weapons when we speak of the NVA. Oh yes, we did signal the Geneva Accords, and tried to abide by them. This is why the NVA may use Laos and Cambodia as a sanctuary for many of the struggle. I also agree that we have been considered by some Vietnamese as “invaders,” however not by all. The Vietnamese folks I met and talked to didn’t think that method, both in Vietnam or at Oregon State University. We have been formally invited into this thing, whether or not you acknowledge the Diem authorities’s right to take action or not.

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In 1967 I was despatched to the Canal Zone to attend jungle survival college as a part of dive training. I spent six months within the jungles attempting to learn as a lot as I may about jungle warfare and survival. I was shocked to study that the coaching that I had was not typical. Good old Uncle Sam didn’t give this degree of training to most people assigned for combat responsibility. I was discharged in August 1968 and never used the training. I do not have as much right as those who served in Viet Nam to have protesterd, and many did voice their opinions.

He was turned over to our intelligence and all this information has remained buried. President Johnson and others knew what and who we had been combating but did not have the center to fight a war when he was surrounded by communist sympathizers at home. On November 8, 1967, a bolstered North Vietnamese Army battalion attacked refugee settlements at Duc Duc and Dai Loc, 20 miles southwest of Da Nang. The highly trained communist soldier outfitted with Chinese made AK-47’s and Russian gear destroyed over seven-hundred homes and killed over 200 civilians. I was then serving as a machine gunner with India Company 3/7 1st Marine Division assigned to guard Liberty Bridge and what we known as the rocket belt from where the enemy would rocket DaNang with Communist made Rockets. One company of Marines responded much less then 1/three of the enemy pressure we faced. We caught the enemy battalion in a cross hearth and within a couple of hours had completely destroying its command structure, its highly educated Sappers platoon and had taken over ninety prisoners. Before we secured that space when the enemy knew they would soon be captured or destroyed, they turned against the civilian inhabitants, killing dozens of women, old men and kids. They then pressured the civilians to run with them as they fired upon us or used them as shields.
There were no public demonstrations attainable in the communist world; few exceptions have been all ended up in blood and bodies under tanks. And, I am nearly certain that these monks left who had been later liberated by the Communist probably haven�t survived the “re-education” camps. In China, the once damned Nationalists fled from mainland to Taiwain, the place they are now constructing a democratic nation in addition to perserving Chinese culture; whereas Beijing has just introduced that “the present policy gained�t change for 100 years”. In Korea, the then government of the South was pretty much like the one you depicted in South Vietnam; the US and the United Nation gave it an opportunity by fighting the Communist North FOR IT, and have therefore defended it; it held a free election years ago. If the South Vietnam authorities had had a chance, all those boat people may not need to danger their lives on the high seas; God knows how many of them have died on the market.
Thanks for stating your opinions and sharing your views and experiences. Talking this out is the easiest way for any of us to understand this (especially these of us who were born after the struggle-I’m 23). As for harmless victims in struggle, your proper it happens in each war, all the time will!! In Europe, the allies destroyed the French town of Caen during the D-Day battle, causing quite a few casualties among civilians. But our navy should at all times be held to the very best requirements,even when our enemy doesn’t. The Vietnam setting and nature of warfare played proper into the palms of the VC/NVA propaganda machine.

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The reality is we fought that warfare with our hands tied behind us. While we never lost a battle in opposition to this worthy foe, as a result of the NVA have been well educated we lost Vietnam not on the battlefields of Southeast Asia but to the liberal communist propaganda that successfully influenced public opinion again home. Among the our bodies we discovered which had not been removed from the battle scene have been NVA troopers dressed like villagers, like Viet Cong and well-liked drive troopers . Among the useless in battle scenes later throughout my fight tour of Vietnam were Communist soldiers from Mainland China. They carried weapons, wore Chinese Uniforms and their identification playing cards showed they had been from China. They have been taller and lighter then the NVA soldier and it was evident they had been in charge. I personally captured one who when comforted threw down his brand new communist made Ak-47 rifle which he had by no means fired.
The United States flooded Afganistan with weapons which they continue to make use of against one another right now. The United States flooded Somalia with weapons which they not solely used towards each other but in opposition to us additionally. I know you possibly can provide you with situations where struggle could be justified apart from defending our own borders. But I can come up with many more real examples from the very recent past where the justification of US army intervention is questionable at finest. You guys have extra moral authority within the area of warfare than another residing Americans. Therefore you’ve more energy than another Americans to affect that coverage. I know you would not want for any future generation of younger men to journey halfway around the planet to kill , solely to return back to a scornful or detached nation.
Today they need the financial benefits of a democratic world but are unwilling to offer its people who will quickly have their own revolution the freedom they crave. Unfortunately, once we returned house we were denied the proper to share those precious memories with our loved ones and so for essentially the most half many of us remained silent. Our Patriotic satisfaction fell beneath the shadow of unwell-conceived disgrace, lies and deception. Ironically, today as we start to crawl out from behind those rice paddy dikes, our nation is also beginning to re-look at what we completed in South East Asia. America is starting to acknowledge and to honor those that served in the Vietnam War. Now, thirty years later, its time for us to emerge from the place we have been pinned down all these years and be happy with what we completed.
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Three times solely twelve of us survived fierce battle scenes. I was the only Marine in my firm to return out of Nam with out getting killed or significantly wounded, throughout my tour of fight. In the following few seconds, we were going to be engaged in a fierce hearth battle. There was going to be plenty of spattering of blood, guts and pain.
The terror of that first flirtation of reaching out to the world and to life remains with me still, an everpresent reminder that I, too, am human, and that this peculiar affliction is a really, very, very, human factor. I am starting to be now not ashamed that I am human. In spite of the everpresent ache of all of it, this and my experiences are no longer secrets, and the people who respect this honesty I number among my true pals. I would love so that you can e-mail me that PTSD information you offered. You see I was recognized with PTSD by a civilian doc in 1983. Now I a finally going through the system to get some disability. I would like to thank Chris for the type phrases he said about my posts.
Honestly, although, I am creating a loss for words after I encounter folks with a bias such as theirs, though my continuing psychological picture is one of the Jolly Roger. Art, once I first read your submit I wasn’t certain how to take the term “racist”. Then I studied and considered it and took it in the context that you just meant. If people cannot understand or poo-poo the concept that younger folks of this nation were severely stressed and did not have a venue to debate. Well, I am sorry that they can not or will not even attempt to see one other viewpoint. Like our “good friend” Paul on site 50, rewriting history appears to be a passion. What on earth could possibly be bothering people so much that a lie is extra comforting? If Vietnam Veterans were a “race”, I really feel those folks would qualfy as “racists”. It appears to be a peculiarity of some individuals to invalidate those that seem to symbolize or trigger something inside with which they would rather not address.

We would be firing blindly and violently at each other. The bullets, noise, and the clamor of struggle, would quickly reek demise and destruction. The NVA soldier took one small step backwards, then waited for me to react. My eyes began to sting from the salty sweat that was steadily flowing from my helmets extensive internet band. As I reached up to wipe the sweat away, I walked out of the thick underbrush and into a small clearing. Over to my right about twenty ft away an enemy soldier broke into the clearing at about the identical time. The NVA Communist soldier was trying down, he had been carrying his AK47 rifle parallel to his proper leg. The protruding vines had entangled themselves to his rifle’s entrance sight housing and its bayonet attachment.
The individuals who deserved our assist the most have been the working class and the peasantry of Vietnam. The Buddhists, likewise, were against the Diem regime. None were represented by the South Vietnamese authorities. What we have to understand is like Korea, Vietnam was solely a step toward the elimination of communism and in this, we had been effective. Had we had a commander in Chief with Guts every Marine I knew was willing to march into Hanoi at a moment’s notice.

Fortunes were made in the Vietnam War on the backs of these whose names seem on The Wall due to the incompetant politics and bizarre navy technique of our government. It appears that some are again pushed by cash in the continuation of this saga. I can see no other cause at the core for our diplomatic relations than strain by enterprise to open the floodgates once again. This time, upon whose backs will the profits be made? How many Buddhist monks must burn themselves alive once more, as they did again within the 1950’s?
All we will do is hope and maintain religion that this settlement between Vietnam and the US will produce fruit that can benefit the individuals. Remember the tears and agony of people who had been among the poorest on the planet? I’ve simply posted an article out of the Hong Kong Morning Post which shows that the Vietnam War remains to be inflicting headlines, and still affecting us. The UN has simply granted refugee status to a bunch of South Vietnamese “boat individuals Unhosted Wallets Assets, Not Threats, Thanks to New Judges” who have been residing in Hong Kong cames for a few years now. The article is posted on website #57, “Attitudes in direction of American Vietnamese.” This signifies that these people might be free to immigrate to the United States earlier than the changeover in the Hong Kong authorities. I am no more an expert on most of these matters than you are, and possibly much less.
My recollection of my first steps via these doorways into real daylight is one of ambush by folks spitting, yelling, and shouting epithets. They turned cell foxholes of safety as we obtained out of there as fast as we might. If we had weapons, I know there have been some who would have used them. Any information you would give could be significantly appreciated. Memories, incidents, feelings, interactions, and so forth. can be great. You can both e-mail them to me if you do not need them posted here or simply respond through this web site. I thank you profusely on your effort and time in responding. The reason I am writing is as a result of I am doing a historic essay on the effects the protests in America had on Vietnam veterans returning home.

I went to Vietnam as a 2nd Lt in Military Intelligence, making 1st Lt whereas there. I was in control of an aerial imagery interpretation section, and also flew on 39 handheld aerial images missions. In addition, spent a great deal of time on courtroom martial obligation. Otherwise, attempt Tanker, DocDel, Tom Dier, Chet, and a number of others, all sensible in the ways of struggle. I think your extension of my comments is nicely spoken.

  • I personally felt that “If you ain’t been there, you’ll be able to’t know”.
  • Four years after Nixon made his first guarantees, the war still raged.
  • The American folks looked at McGovern as a defeatist – failing to realize that the war had been lost a few years earlier.
  • At that time nice numbers of returning veterans have been actively protesting the Vietnam War.
  • Well, with a smile on my face, I do believe I have seen a person look into himself and see an enlightenment.

I additionally recall being referred to as into the colonel’s workplace and standing at consideration alongside my platoon lieutenant while the colonel lectured me about rules of engagement. In the colonels office was a village chief, two different local officers a Korean interpreter, a serious, my captain who I imagine at the moment happened to be Captain Charles Robb (Johnson’s son in Law), and a women whose legs I had shot off. The Colonel was demanding a proof Wallets Assets, Not Threats, Thanks to New Judges not from my Captain nor the Lieutenant but from me as I had done the capturing. For the 4th time in these posts; it was known in my intelligence company that, a minimum of in Binh Dinh province as late as summer season 1968, Ho Chi Minh would win any election with his name on the ballot. The “free” elections of carried only these candidates that the government didn’t deem subversive.

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They have come to slay the little dragon, however because we’ve the same parents, we’ll survive. To eat meals with our family that has come from our garden. The eldest son, Hong Bang, being the first born got here south with the youngest sons. These have been peace loving kids, farmers who cleared the jungles and loved to work with their arms and to cultivate the land God had given them. They had been not like their warrior brothers who remained within the North. Part of a letter from another Unhosted Wallets Assets, Not Threats, Thanks to New Judges Marine I obtained once I begin to look for Marines that I had served with in Vietnam is included below. He captures what’s within the coronary heart and mind of people who served with honor in Vietnam. When we had been there , the demonstrators and the drug used was not a part of our life we went there to struggle an enemy and that is what we did proudly. Today Vietnam hungers for commerce and is in determined need of help, as a result of what the communist promised never materilized.

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