452: How To Make Great Returns If You Have A Small Trading Account?

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More importantly, however, he is helping me and others here at DPA to build a firm foundation of Forex trading skills that will last a life time, and if used diligently and patiently, will help build a nice residual income. Understanding price action is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself and your trading.

forex testimonials

This stresses the importance that I should trade confidently and that I should only trade when comfortable. This relates to money and risk management where I must preserve my capital while protecting my profits. I also learned that I should not let my emotions or greed to cloud my judgement. Because when this happens, I would not be able to follow the methodology correctly which can result in losses that I cannot afford to lose. After trading forex for 18 months and just managing to break even most months i dont even know why i didnt give up to be honest.

#452: How To Make Great Returns If You Have A Small Trading Account?

Andrew teaches you about reading price levels, in my opinion, as the single most important aspect of Forex. Andrew’s https://www.provenexpert.com/en-us/dotbig/ course has given me the basic necessary tools and direction to get my forex trading heading in the right direction.

  • It’s a simple, affordable one-time fee but the knowledge and skills you will acquire will last a life time.
  • It covers all the important things, with no fluff, in an easy to follow and digest way.
  • We should be able to sleep well at night without worrying about children’s education fees, parents’ medical fees, car or house mortgages etc.
  • The charts and analysis he posted there seemed at first, too simple to be worthwhile looking into any further but then I realised that the simplicity of his trading style had an edge.
  • Really, if this lesson has not been hammered into my brain, I think I would have taken this rather nonchalantly because greed and impatience could easily take over my psyche when trading.

I used to think that a good trading method should be complicated. But all those indicators are lagging, nothing really seems to work. Starting as a total beginner, it took me awhile to familiarise myself with the technicalities of forex trading and navigating the MetaTrader 4 platform. More importantly, I had to take time to put into practice the essential principles of managing one’s emotions when trading and practising TOP forex brokers usa 2022 proper money management. Ou have made it all very simple to comprehend even for a slow blur learner like me. I am so glad to have attended your lessons which has now opened my eyes and shifted my paradigm from fear of losing everything in trading but to equipped me with an awareness on risk and money management while trading. Thus, it is important to protect my investments while also trying to gain good returns.

#454: Amazing Offer From Blueberry Markets

Going through the full course was very beneficial but although I was learning the concepts I didn’t always stick to them. For every step forward I was still taking one or two steps back. I mentioned my frustration on the DPA site and soon had an inquiry about what help I might need. Thinking hard about that question was my turning point. I went through the DPA course notes and videos again and this time I took my own notes and wrote my own concise trading plan. If you are looking for handouts this isn’t it, but give it your 100% effort and you won’t need handouts and you will learn to successfully trade on your own, with your own tools and knowledge.

forex testimonials

Without any affiliation with Andrew, I can comfortably say, stick with him… he is the real deal. It turns out for me, – I returned to where I started several years ago. Traders with experience – at the beginning to refresh their knowledge and then serous work starts to put it all together.

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When it’s all said and done, No Nonsense Forex will become the one place which has created more professional traders in the history of the internet. I’ve been trading Forex for the last 6 years, and mostly in the lower time frames without any consistent success. I’ve known the last couple years that the higher time frames are the ones that make the difference, but I’ve just never been able to make them work. It was the best amount I’ve ever invest in my trading https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcXi_6uLpRE&ab_channel=DotBig career. When I found Daily Price Action I was almost ready to give up on Forex. Since I became a Member to this community I have learned and improved a lot, especially the teachings about a proper Risk to Reward Ratio and the right Price Action Signals has brought my trading to a new Level. You are inspirational, with a great ability to mentor and transform our community, from system rule based traders to patient, discretionary and flexible traders.

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The information VP has put out is so good that i can’t possibly understand why everyone hasn’t done it his way. The way he presents the info is so easy to listen to also. NNFX has helped me grow from an unsuccessful trader losing money, to now be hired on with a prop firm. I’ve just learned that its possible to make a living trading Forex online and just fell in love with it and with everything around it.

The Market Is Constantly Delivering New Opportunities

This guy gave the whole blueprint for FREE to anybody willing to put in the work and I will be eternally grateful. I want to personally thank VP for his time, energy and expense in https://www.us.hsbc.com/ creating and sharing his wisdom with all of us. Also for introducing me to another inspiring character, Jocko Willink. By revamping my trading style and developing a new algorithm.

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